Servant Event

Put down those paint brushes and leave those hammers at home. Instead of the normal service project around town, get ready for the Glorybound 2018 Servant Event called COPE.

What’s COPE? (Cost Of Poverty Experience)

COPE gives you a glimpse into the lives of low-income people living in your community. Poverty is an epidemic in the United States affecting an estimated 46 million Americans and 22% are teens just like you. That means you probably know someone who is living in poverty.

For many of us poverty is something that happens to other people. We might even believe it only affects adults who don’t want to work, who have made poor choices and who manipulate the system. COPE gives people a chance to see for themselves the difficulties that low-income Americans face daily. COPE tells the stories of 15 families who graciously gave and believed they could help create an experience filled with real people, real situations and real barriers that exist.

Together youth groups will go through this two-hour experience and feel what it is like to live in poverty. They will then have a chance to process their experience and see how the Holy Spirit might be working in their lives to change their beliefs about people in poverty and begin to love those in their own community.

How will our group participate?

Cost of Poverty Experiences will be held at Crown of Life Lutheran Church – Colleyville, TX on Friday and Saturday, July 13-14. Youth groups will spend the majority of their Servant Event day at Crown of Life. COPE’s will be held at 9:30 AM, 11:30 AM, 1:30 PM and 3:30 PM. You will be assigned to one of these COPE’s on Thursday, July 12 when you arrive and check-in at the conference hotel.

There will also be other activities happening at Crown of Life throughout the day like assembling Homeless Blessing Bags, crafts, inflatables, escape rooms, sport tournaments and other fun activities.

Lunch is off campus on your own.