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Adult Care Team (ACT)

The main focus of the ACT (Adult Care Team) is to encourage Adults Leaders, Volunteers and youth who are participating in Glorybound, 2018, the Texas District LCMS Youth Gathering, through conversation, prayer, and acts of service. Tom Couser, Becky Krentz and Jonathan Loesch are DCE/Youth ministry veterans who will be available to Adult Leaders, Young Adult Volunteers and students at Glorybound. They will be welcoming, available, empathetic listeners eager to have a conversation and pray with you at Glorybound. Look for them at Glorybound!

Tom Couser

Tom Couser has over forty-five years of experience working with teenagers and their parents. He has served as a DCE, school counselor and basketball coach. In retirement he works part-time as a hospital chaplain. He is a volunteer ambassador at DFW International Airport. He also enjoys hanging out with the DFW area DCE’s. Tom is a prolific writer, publishing a bi-weekly newsletter of teens and young adults and blog He is the author of three books: Parenting Without Guilt, Passing the Torch, and Relevant: Millennials and the church. He and his wife, Barbara, live in Dallas and are members of Prince of Peace Lutheran Church. They are parents of two sons and a daughter and have four grandsons.

Jonathan Loesch

Jonathan Loesch is a DCE at Faith Lutheran Church in Georgetown, who works with kids, families, and parents. He is married to Tonya, has three grown children, and one grandchild. He loves serving alongside folks of all ages, and helping people grow closer to Jesus. Some of the other fun things that Jonathan gets to do is playing golf, grilling in his new Big Green Egg, and spending time with family. He’s excited to be part of the Adult Care Team at Glorybound 2018!

Becky Krentz

Becky Krentz served 17 1/2 years as a DCE at Faith Lutheran Church in Georgetown, as a generalist and then working with youth ministry and discipleship. She is married to Paul, and has two grown children. In retirement she is an active volunteer at Narrative Church, a church plant in Round Rock. She first took youth to the 1996 GloryBound; has been at every GB since then; and is looking forward to serving on the Adult Care Team at Glorybound 2018.

Pre-Gathering Bible Study

Leaders should help their Glorybound group of youth adults to walk through the Pre-Gathering Bible Study before coming to Glorybound. The discussion will help your group prepare for the theme verses from Hebrews 12:1-2 which will be the focus of Glorybound 2018.

Download the Pre-Gathering Bible Study

Hebrews 12 Commentary

Please print and read this commentary on our theme verses, Hebrews 12:1-2 before leading your group in the Pre-Gathering Bible Study. This commentary excerpt is reprinted by permission. We are thankful to Mission Nation Publishing Company and Dr. Robert Scudieri, President of Mission Nation Publishing for granting us the right to make this excellent commentary by an LCMS pastor and missionary to Nigeria available.

Download the Hebrews 12 Commentary

Prayer Journal

One of the opportunities Glorybound participants will have, is to participate in a Goosechase photo scavenger hunt using the Goosechase App available on the App Store or Google Play. Students may want to download the app prior to arriving at Glorybound. This event, sponsored by the Glorybound Spiritual Life Team will lead students through some key spiritual disciplines as well as some crazy actvities as well. Participants who complete the Goosechase scavanger hunt will receive a copy of this Prayer Journal with helpful instructions on how to use it.